Your 2019/20 Team!



HISA President - Alan Simpson (Moray College UHI)

Vice President (Further Education) - Natasha Morgan (Orkney College UHI)

Vice President (Higher Education) - Andrew Bowie (Inverness College UHI)




Perth College


HISA Perth President - Amy Studders

HISA Perth Vice President (Activities & Welfare) - Debbie Das Chaudhury

HISA Perth Vice President (Education and Engagement) - Michaela Asisten


Inverness College


HISA Inverness President - George Gunn

HISA Inverness Vice President (Education) - Vivienne MacKie

HISA Inverness Vice President (Activities & Welfare) - Deborah Halliday


Moray College


HISA Moray Depute President (Activities & Welfare) - Nathan Sanderson

HISA Moray Depute President (Education) - Kyle Gee


HISA Argyll Depute President - Danjana Ninkovich

HISA HTC Depute President - Laura Symon

HISA Lews Castle Depute President - Florence Jansen

HISA North Highland Depute President - Tia Cannop

HISA Orkney Depute President - Kaila Shepherd

HISA SAMS Depute President - Marie Louise Korte

HISA West Highland Depute President - Katie Wrigglesworth

HISA Shetland Depute President - Tegan Patterson

HISA Shetland, Lerwick Local Officer - Toren Davidson 

HISA Shetland, NAFC Local Officer - Alasdair Bendall


Congratulations to all!

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