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HISA Regional Council

Regional Council 2018

HISA Regional Council 2019, Inverness, 30 January to 1 February


HISA’s Regional Council event, led by students, for students, helps shape the decisions, policies and actions taken by HISA throughout the year.

HISA’s 2019 Regional Council is shaping up to be the biggest Regional Council ever! The event has been extended an extra day to incorporate a special HISA and UHI Class Rep Summit, a first for HISA and UHI! The summit will look at all things class reps. Another first at this year’s Regional Council will be the special session on ‘HISA Democracy’. Students attending this year’s Regional Council will set in motion, through debate and voting, the development of HISA’s democratic structures benefiting current and future UHI students. 

These are exciting and challenging times for current (and future) UHI students: exciting as we consider the future of UHI and integration; challenging as we face the unknown consequences of Brexit on UHI and the Highlands & Islands. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in two key sessions ‘ a Manifesto for Change  - the Student Perspective on the Future of UHI’ and ‘The Brexit Discourse - Education and Young People in the Highlands & Islands.’

Regional Council will not only offer students the opportunity to make their voice heard and shape HISA policy but it is the only event that brings together student reps from every UHI partner, providing great opportunties for networking with like-minded HISA people and making new friends!   

If you are interested in attending Regional Council, please contact your HISA Local Officer for more information