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Student Elections 2018

Voting Closed

The 2018 HISA Student Elections are happening NOW! This is your chance to get involved, with nominations open from Monday 19th February, closing on Thursday 8th March at 4pm, and voting taking place the week starting Monday 19th March!

Below we have included all the info you need to get up-to-speed with Student Elections, and find out why YOU should vote!

You can check out the candidates for the 2018 Student Elections HERE!

All your questions: Answered

What are Student Elections?

The elections are a chance for students to make a difference. Becoming an elected HISA Officer is a unique opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. UHI and the Colleges need students to make better decisions that effect every aspect of student lives. HISA officer roles are suited to people that are passionate about improving students’ experiences, initiating change and making UHI and the Colleges a better place for everyone.

Why should I get vote?

Using your vote in the Student Elections is really important, as it's your opportunity to choose who will represent you for the next year! The successful candidates will represent students on a range of issues, aiming to change your College or the University as a whole for the better. 

It’s really important that you are represented by people who will champion the issues that you believe in – and the best way to make sure the improvements you want to see take place, is by voting for someone that you believe in!

What positions will I be voting on?

There are two types of roles with HISA; Regional Officers and Local Officers (sometimes known as ‘Deputes’). Regional Officers are full-time, work on a regional level, and they can be from anywhere within UHI. Local Officers work to make things better at a specific College or institution, they are all part-time roles (apart form the Perth President) and they work while studying.

For more information about the specific positions click below:

Who can I vote for?

You can vote for anyone who nominated themselves for a role - check out the candidates here!

How do I vote?

Simple! Just use your student number and your normal password to login - click now to vote:


Important Information for Candidates

Still Looking for More...?

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