By-Elections at HISA

HISA is an organisation led by students, for students.  Every year, students elect from amongst themselves the new leadership team of HISA. If there are any positions left unfilled after these elections, HISA runs a By-Election in order to elect Officers for any vacant positions. This is a great opportunity for you to represent your fellow students and change the student experience for the better.

HISA is the students’ association that exists to represent all students in the Highlands and Islands – whatever you study, wherever you study.  There are a range of different roles available where you can leave a legacy for students in your region and where you learn. The roles that are open for nomination in the 2022 By-Election are:

Academic Partner



Highland Theological College

Depute President

8 Hours

UHI Inverness

Depute President Education

10 Hours

UHI North Highland

Depute President

16 Hours

UHI Orkney

Depute President

10 Hours

UHI Shetland

Depute President

12 Hours

Scalloway Officer

4   Hours


HISA elected officers represent the voice of students. They sit on the highest decision-making bodies of UHI and its academic partners, meet with local and national politicians, and campaign for change. They do all this to change people’s lives.

To become a HISA officer, you don’t need to submit a CV, attend an interview or have prior experience.  To become an elected HISA officer, all you need is a vision of how being a student can be better, and to secure the support of your fellow students in an election.

Nominations Guidebook: Key Info 


  • Nominations Open: Friday 4th November (10:00)
  • Nominations Close: Friday 18th November (14:00)
  • Campaigning Begins: Tuesday 22nd November (09:00)
  • VOTING OPENS: Tuesday 29th November (10:00)
  • Voting Closes and Campaigning Ends: Thursday 1st December (14:00)


  • See page 3 of the Nominations Guidebook for the full list of key dates.
  • This page contains a list of important dates for the election, such as the nominations deadline and training.
  • Each year, students elect the new leadership team of HISA
  • By reading through the Nominations Guidebook, you can learn what is required of someone in these leadership roles, as well as the steps you need to take to nominate yourself.
  • In these positions, elected officers are expected to represent the voice of students and work to enhance or improve the student experience at your local Academic Partner College.
  • You don’t need a CV, nor do you have to interview for any of these positions. All you need to do is have a vision for improving the student experience and acquire the support of your fellow students
  • The Highlands and Islands student association is the legally recognised representative body for students studying at the University of the Highlands and Islands and each of its Academic Partner Colleges.
  • HISA is independent of UHI and acts as a union which aims to be a friend and support system for all of their students.
  • It is the role of HISA to ensure that student’s voices are heard and represents students on issues that UHI or its Academic Partner Colleges don’t control.
  • All enrolled students are members of the Students’ Association and able to vote, unless they advise HISA that they wish to ‘opt out’ and not be a member.
  • The Students’ Association is run by students. Only students may run in its elections, and vote for its officers.
  • Every year elections are run to choose the leadership of HISA.

”Being a HISA officer, both locally and regionally, has set me up for my future in addition to what my course had to offer. I have learned many skills and what it truly means to be in a leadership role.” – Florence Jansen - Local Officer (2018-2020) & HISA Regional President (2020-2022)

  • You do not need prior experience to become a HISA Officer.
  • Local Officer roles are lead student representatives at each of the Academic Partner College of UHI. Local Officers must work from the Academic Partner College they are elected for.
  • Full details of Local Officer roles can be found on page 8 of the Nominations Guidebook.
  • Being a HISA officer is the best way to make a positive impact for the students of UHI and its Academic Partner Colleges.
  • If you have a vision for improving the student experience, please look at what Local Officer roles are available at your Academic Partner.
  • If you are already a Student Voice Rep, becoming a HISA Officer can be a great next step and can also lead to new career opportunities.
  • Local Officer roles are paid positions.
  • Local Officers are paid, part-time positions with an hourly rate of £10.53
  • Full details of the hours and pay for local officer roles can be found on page 10 of the Nominations Guidebook.
  • Students can only run for election in one position.
  • Students can only run for Local Officer Roles at the Academic Partner College where they are currently enrolled as a student.
  • To be eligible for a position as a HISA officer, elected Officers must successfully undergo a Disclosure Scotland PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) check before they take on the position.
  • For full details on your eligibility for Local Officer roles, please see page 10 of the Nominations Guidebook.
  • To nominate yourself for the HISA officer role you want to run in, you need to complete the online nominations form on the HISA website.
  • This form will ask for the following information, these are all required to submit the form:

- Student E-mail

- Photo

- Manifesto

  • Once you have submitted your nominations form, it will be sent to HISA staff to ensure you are eligible for the position you have chosen.
  • A candidate is not officially accepted as a candidate until all candidates have been announced on the HISA website.
  • Do NOT begin campaigning, promoting or announcing your nomination before the announcement of all candidates has been released by>
  • Nominations must be received before Friday 18th November at 2PM
  • For full details of campaign essentials, see page 12 of the Nominations Guidebook.
  • There are 3 aspects of candidate training

- Rules and Ethics Training

- Campaigning Training

- Data Training

  • Candidates will receive the Candidates’ Guidebook. This will contain key information that supports the information you will get at Candidates’ Training.
  • This Training will be mandatory for all nominees and highly recommended as an essential part of preparing you for the role you are nominating yourself for.
  • All HISA elections are governed by Schedule Six of the HISA Memorandum and Articles of Association which is available online at
  • All candidates must abide by the University’s policies and procedures and those of their academic partner.
  • All candidates must obey the law!
  • For more information on the HISA election rules, including who oversees and governs these rules, see page 14 of the Nominations Guidebook.

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