How to Become an Officer


Every year 21 students are paid to work to lead HISA. Elected by students they become leaders of a charity with a £800,000 budget and representatives of over 25,000 students. 

In March each year we elect 19 students to do just that, with the remaining 2 elected in the Autumn Term.


What are the roles?


There are two categories of roles available in the election – regional and local.  Regional Officer roles are all full-time positions that represent all students in the Highlands and Islands. 

Local Officer roles are lead student representatives at each of the academic partners of UHI.  These roles vary depending on the nature of the academic partner. With the exception of Perth President (which is full-time), all the remaining roles are part-time, varying between 8hours and 15hours a week, are carried out by students like you as they study. Wages are £9.39 per hour.

Regional Officers can work from any UHI Academic Partner. They work with UHI and its academic partners on developing the student experience on a more strategic level, with the two Vice-Presidents focusing on all aspects of student life that affect students educational experience, and the President focussing on all aspects of the student experience. The salary is £17,099.

A full list of Local Officer roles is available here.

The Regional Officer role descriptions and hours are available here.


What do I need to do?


Any registered UHI students are eligible to stand.

Students wanting to stand for any Local Officer role (except Perth President) must be studying a UHI course next year.

Students wanting to stand for any of the Regional Officer roles, or Perth President, can stand regardless of what year of study they are in. Many previous officers have taken a year out to lead the Students’ Association before returning to finish their course.

If you are elected as a Regional Officer, you will become a trustee of the organisation. This means that you’ll need to meet a small number of legal requirements outlined in the Charity Trustee Declaration Form. Find out more about our Trustee Board.

To nominate yourself simply go to: www.hisavote.co.uk and log in with student details.


Elections Leaflet


Click here to see our handy Elections leaflet


What are my next steps?


Deciding to stand

Take a look at the Role Description and speak to the current Officers about their experiences.

You can also engage your local member of HISA staff if you’re looking to stand for a local role, as they will be your first line of support if you’re elected. If you’re looking to stand for a regional role, you can also speak to:

  • Matt, Head of Elections for 2020 HISA Elections;

  • Graeme, Chief Executive

You should also take a look at our Nominations Guidebook, your one-stop-shop guide about the roles and nominating yourself.


Nominating yourself

Simply fill out an online nomination form. You will need to log into our voting website to nominate yourself. You should submit a mini-statement of 50 words, a photo of yourself, along-side your nomination. This will appear when students vote.

You should also send your 1-sided A4 poster that will be included on the elections section of our website. If you are not confident designing your own poster, you can email returningofficer@uhi.ac.uk to request a template poster. Once completed, your poster should be sent to returningofficer@uhi.ac.uk


Getting Elected

To be successful you’ll need to convince students you’re the best person for the job. That might sound daunting, but there’s plenty of support on offer to you.

After feedback from candidates last year, HISA is running 3 modules of training to help candidates in their campaigning:

  • Rules and Ethics Training: Online video
  • Demographics Training: In person and via VC
  • Campaigning Training: In person and via VC


You will also receive a budget to fund your campaign. The size of your budget varies depending on what role you stand for.


Useful Documents

Nominations Guidebook

Election Rules

Regional Officer Role Descriptions

Local Officer Role Descriptions

Local Officer Hours

Charity Nomination Form

Trustee Declaration Form

Nominations Tips and Tricks 


Key Dates

Below are the major headline dates for students and candidates.




Friday 24 January (12:00 noon)

Nominations open

Thursday 20 February (16:00)

Nominations close

Friday 21- Wednesday 27 February

Candidates Training

This includes:

Rules and Ethica Training (online video)

Demographics training (in person and VC)

Campaign Training (in person and VC)

Monday 2 March until voting closes

Supported Campaign Period

HISA displays and distributes all candidate material and voting promotion material. HISA puts up materials throughout the first week online and on noticeboards.

Monday 9 March (10am)

Voting opens

Friday 13 March (2pm)

Voting closes

Friday 13 March (Afternoon/Evening)

Results Announced



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